An Eye for Colour

This year our local weaver’s guild had their 3rd show of “Eye for Colour”. This year each weaver could partner up with any local artist to create something together or to complement each other. In previous years I participated, but this year was not able to. (My previous entries can be found here and here).

However, Lorrie (of Lorrie’s Locks, as I call them – if any of you have woven here you will know about these beautifully dyed locks of wool from her own sheep) and her husband entered their work. Lorrie is a spinner and weaver and came to the studio this spring to learn about SAORI weaving and clothing design in preparation for the show. She and Andy wanted to do something different and creative.

Their result is stunning! Andy does leather work and makes belts, bags and many other things and you can find him at the Salt Spring Market most Saturdays.

So here are some photos of their combined work:

Eye for Colour

And some details:

Eye for Colour

Eye for Colour

I love the use of the clasped weft and the pieces of Lorrie’s Locks in the weaving. The colour in the warp and how she used these asymmetrically is beautiful and subtle. Andy also ‘stepped outside the box’ to make an asymmetrical belt to go with the top.

Lorrie says: “You gave me the confidence to step well outside my bubble and do something I have always wanted to do, which is weave clothing for myself. A lot of what I ended up with wasn’t planned and happened when draping the dress form — just as you said it would! I’m just amazed by the process. “

Yay for the SAORI way!!

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Tara and Eve Roblin
    Tara and Eve Roblin says:

    Wonderful! Thank you Terri for keeping us all connected and being such a generous and inspirational teacher for us all. Lorrie and Andy have certainly embraced the Saori aesthetic in a superb way. With love, Eve and Tara

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