A scarf for Alison

This past week I wove a scarf for a long lost friend. After 8 years we finally got in touch again through a synchronistic meeting.

I enjoyed using these colours – spring and easter.

The warp…


The weaving …


And the finished scarf…


Happy Weaving,

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  1. Tara and Eve Roblin
    Tara and Eve Roblin says:

    Beautiful Terri. You wrap people in warmth wherever you go. Love the regenerative colours. Your friends, Eve and Tara

    • terri
      terri says:

      Thank you Eve & Tara. I never thought of it in those words – but springtime is a time of regeneration and growth…

  2. totsie
    totsie says:

    This is beautiful. What kind of thread is the thick green one? So far all I have is SAORI thread and I’d like to expand my selection.

    • terri
      terri says:

      Thanks so much Totsie! The thick green yarn was a ball of yarn that I bought on sale at a knitting store – I don’t have the label anymore, so am not sure what it was called. You can get the same effect by grouping a bunch of thinner yarns together and putting them through the warp or weft together to give the appearance of a thick yarn.

      Happy Weaving,

  3. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    I saw this gorgeous scarf being woven, finished with twisting & tying, etc. and wrapped up in mauve tissue, tied with purple yarn. Then the weaver, wearing the amazing blue top that she recently wove, delivered it to a very special friend that she hadn’t seen for years. So beautiful!!!

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