A long table runner…

This table runner qualifies for loooong in more than one way. First it is 8 feet long – that is one long table!! My table isn’t nearly long enough, so here you only see part of the runner…

Next – it has taken me a long time to get it made…..for one reason and another. Here is a close-up of the textures – linen, cotton, ribbon and other yarns…

But, it is now done and on its way to its new home…

This was a commission piece and I love the materials that were chosen.

Saori Table Runner

I can’t wait to see a photo of it on the long table…

Happy Weaving,

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    CHIAKI says:

    I love the table runner Terri!!
    Before I started reading the blog, I looked at the images and thought “It’s not Terri’s colors. She is trying something new!” Then found out that this is a commission piece.
    I love the texture and color combination.
    Now, are you going to use these colors on your own?

    I love your blog. It has been changed!

  2. terri
    terri says:

    I have been trying some browns, but not the white and light colours. It was fun to try something new and I enjoyed making it. I would certainly try more of these colours.

    Thanks Chiaki.

    Yes, I installed a new theme called “PrimePress” – I like the format better.

    Happy Weaving,

  3. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    What a marvelous table runner Terri! The subdued colors with the textured white yarn along with the length of the piece give it such a wonderful presence.


  4. bety
    bety says:

    Beautiful runner love the Christmas colors and textures.

    I once wove a 120″ table runner on my RH and I understand the pain of getting it done, I felt like I’d woven three king size blankets. I’m sure the receiptent will love the runner.

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