8-Ways Tunic

I’m catching up on my blog posting and first want to tell you about a tunic that was created at a retreat here by Lynn of SAORI Berkeley. As one of our retreat activities, Lynn brought a long piece of woven cloth in beautiful colours that she wanted to make into a SAORI garment. She didn’t have anything particular in mind and so we started draping the fabric in different ways.

We found some possibilities, but in the end, it was the drape of a piece of the cloth around her neck that shaped the whole garment. What she ended up with is a wonderful tunic that can be worn 8 ways. How great is that? So the name became the 8-Ways Tunic!

And she started to cut and to sew the piece….

The first way, which is how it came to be, is with a piece of the tunic that can be wrapped around the neck like a scarf …

Now this can be done from the left or the right (2 ways)…

The tunic can also be turned around so that the scarf comes from the back – left or right (2 more ways)…(no photos of this – but here is a detail of the back and the weaving)

Then the piece that is the scarf can be left hanging down with the fringe (front or back – 2 more ways) – at this point it was the 6-Way Tunic….

Later we discovered that the scarf piece could also become a hood – only one way for this one 🙂 (now 7-ways)…

Then, when Lynn took it to show Lorrie (of Ewetopia Farm), they discovered that the ‘scarf’ piece could be worn hanging down, but then bloused up with a belt for another look – one more way – makes it the 8-Ways Tunic – “we learn from each other”. (sorry no photo of this way either – yet).

So, now perhaps you can come up with other ways and it will be renamed again!!

It is basically one long piece for the back, a piece twice as long for the front, folded, fringe left on. And then two smaller pieces for the sides of the tunic. A great design Lynn, with the help of Lynn (from Victoria), Lorrie and I.

Not to mention that she has a lovely piece of cloth left to make another garment. Here is it draped on the dress form…

Happy Weaving (and designing),

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  1. Sharron hatelt
    Sharron hatelt says:

    Very cool,! Will you post more details?…is the scarf sewn to the full width of the shoulders? So the piece needs to be three times the desired length? Very creative..I like it!

  2. terri
    terri says:

    There is no pattern – we just made it up as we went along. The front piece is just folded in half – so twice the length of the back piece, not cut, sewn at the shoulders on either side. Of course, it could be a separate piece – a different width – sewn only at one shoulder, etc. There are panels in the sides for the extra width.

    Measurements all depend on the length that you want and the width of cloth that you have. A narrower cloth may need wider panels on the sides, or two panels together for the width that you need.

    So, sew, Saori 🙂

    Happy Weaving,

  3. lynn
    lynn says:

    Lynn you are so much more photogenic then I. It turned out beautifully! What did you do with the second piece. What a lovely day!

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