2012 International SAORI Weaving Conference…

…was held in Studio City (Los Angeles), California. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there but I’ve heard is that it was as great and inspiring as I imagined it would be.

Laura Roveda, of SAORI Studio LA, hosted the conference which was sponsored by Saorinomori/Sakaiseikisangyo Co of Japan and the US-Canada SAORI Weaving Association. The conference included workshops, an exhibit, a fashion show and SAORI Kai. The following week was for workshops including SAORI clothing design and SAORI weaving classes.

From what I hear, the next US-Canada conference may be held in two years – 2014, no date or location determined yet. Some people have posted photos on Facebook or on Ravelry – so I hope that you can see some of them.

There are some new items that were introduced at the conference including a new Sakiori shuttle, a new and updated Self Discovery Through Free Weaving book, accessories for the WX-60 including wheels and a height adjustment. I will also be getting in some conference pre-wound warps and special yarn sets from the conference.

Happy Weaving,

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