2012 International SAORI Weaving Conference Announcement

Announcing a new location for the 2012 International SAORI Weaving Conference. The conference has been relocated from Salt Spring Island, BC to LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.

The dates for the conference will remain September 21-23, 2012 for the conference and September 24 – 28 (or 30) for post conference workshops – so I hope that you still have the dates saved. It should be fabulous – a great conference, lots to see and do and a convenient US location.

The same great workshops will be offered as the conference continues to be co-sponsored by Saori no Mori of Japan. Kenzo Jo and others will be leading the workshops and there will also be plenty of time to get to know each other better.

The 2012 SAORI Conference committee is supporting the new host of the conference: SAORI Studio LA. Owner, Laura Roveda, has been a SAORI weaver since 2009, weaving at SAORI Salt Spring, at her home and also in her store where she had a SAORI loom and invited people to contribute to weaving Community Banners. Laura has also visited Japan twice (once with me) and explored SAORI weaving at studios in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo. She has now set up a studio in Los Angeles and is offering SAORI weaving classes there.


The reason for the change in location is because of medical problems that I have been experiencing and so I am not able to plan or to host the conference this year. I’m very sorry to not be able to host the conference but I’m also very excited that it will still continue and remain on the west coast. If my health improves in time I will plan to be there – I hope you will too!

You can email me if you have any questions.

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Laura last summer. She will be a great host and what a start for the new studio! All the best to her and to you, Terri, ever our treasure of the island.

  2. Janet L Sponagle Hopper
    Janet L Sponagle Hopper says:

    What a contrast: Salt Spring to LA! This is also where life can take us while we’re making other plans.
    I hope your health will improve in leaps and bounds, or at least steadily, and your peaceful strength sustain you through challenges Terri.
    I’ve been watching regularly for more news of the conference. I weave you into everything beautiful.
    The hug you shared with me when I left you in February passed a warmth and beauty into me that for the time washed away everything else that I was experiencing. I have continued to remember it with wonder. I am thousands of miles away, but hope this sends something of the same to you, to access as you wish.

  3. Betty Murphy
    Betty Murphy says:

    I am delighted that the conference will be in LA…convenient for me…but sorry that the change in venue was due to your health issues…I wish you well…I had hoped to take a class in Saori Weaving in Osaka two years ago but unfortunately was not able to do so…but I live in the LA area and am delighted to have discovered that the wonders of Saori Weaving is alive and well in my area…I hope to attend the Conference….my best wishes to you with your continued recovery….

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