Osaka, Japan

Our time in Japan was wonderful – there were so many things to see and do and people to meet. We found a hotel that became our home base – as well as a couple of restaurants that we enjoyed.

It was nice to have some things that became familiar while we explored so many new things with our limited Japanese language skills! We had both been listening to a “Learn Japanese” CD – which taught us some words like – juice, coffee, sushi, golf, tennis, concert, film, camera, TV, T-shirt and a few verbs like eat, drink, watch, read, buy. The most useful phrase was “Please could I have this” – which let us point and ask for something.

One of our most used words became ‘omoshiroy’ – interesting!!

Anyway, here is the view from our ‘home base’ hotel which was in the business district and so quite quiet.

Osaka view

Osaka view

Here is breakfast at our favourite little Cafe Solare – a rice bowl with lettuce, tomato, smoked salmon and avocado with a ‘tamago’ (egg) on top…


… and another Organic Japanese Restaurant that we liked.


More weaving to come…

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Chiaki
    Chiaki says:

    SAORI 40th year celebration event was very close to where you stayed.
    I can tell looking at the pictures you posted.

    I have to try the Japanese Organic restaurant next time.
    Where is it though?

  2. terri
    terri says:

    Yes, Marie took us for a walk to see the places where the 40th anniversary events were held!

    The Japanese Organic restaurant is near Namba station – just on the way to Namba Parks – Marie introduced us to this restaurant too.

    It was great to have a guide for part of our stay!

    Happy Weaving,

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