“Bridgette” goes to Japan

The 40th Anniversary of Saori weaving is coming up and will be celebrated in Osaka, Japan in November. There are many workshops and events planned for the gathering in conjunction with Saori no Mori and Saori Osaka.


“Bridgette” is sporting a new Saori bag made for the occasion – made on a black pre-wound warp and woven with wool in browns and blues, with bits of white roving. The handles are made on an inkle loom (aka Inklelater – more about that in another post!).

Bridgette goes to Japan

(Sculptures and map by our neighbour Paul Burke of the Blue Horse Gallery)

She’s off on her world travels – I think that she’ll have to have someone look after the dogs!

Saori bag detail

Happy Weaving & Happy Travels,

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