SAORI Salt Spring at The Workshop @ Pacifica


This past weekend I took 6 new looms over to The Workshop @ Pacifica in Brentwood Bay, Victoria.


We have set up a wonderful, waterfront workshop space to be a home for these looms.

The Workshop @ Pacifica in Brentwood Bay


I will be offering classes and workshops and we are also working on some drop-in times and loom rentals so that people in the Victoria area can continue on their SAORI weaving journey.


Paddling, of course, is also an option at special club member rates. Take some time to paddle at lunch or after your weaving or bring a friend who wants to get out on the water while you weave.

You can also enjoy a paddle


The Workshop @ Pacifica is focussing on creativity, health and balance. SAORI weaving will be part of this sharing. I’m so excited!

You can follow The Workshop @ Pacifica on Facebook to see photos, new course offerings and more.

Out on the deck enjoying the sun and water


Please see my Workshop page for times and classes.

Registration for all workshops at Pacifica are through me, so please call or email me.

Happy Weaving,

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Artist in Residence – First days

Day 1 – Lynn came over from Victoria on my first day of the AiR. How perfect! We had a mini-SAORI kai and shared things that we had each been working on talked about some design and works-in-progress. We also did some planning for a Bengala Dye workshop coming up in August – in Victoria and on Salt Spring Island. We are just working out the details and I’ll announce it as soon as things are finalized.

We also talked about life, family, etc. while we had tea and gluten free raspberry muffins. Lynn brought a fabulous quinoa salad chock full of veggies for lunch. Wonder-full!

I also spent some time on this first day looking a warps that were still on inside sets as I’d like to finish all of these off – and start some new things. One that I pulled out was from 2011! Inspired by the Pics to Picks 2 challenge I had made another warp to try using a combination of wool and bamboo to get collapsed weave sections…


Now I don’t have any of the yarns – so time to explore this in a new way!

I also took some photos of some of the flowers in bloom for inspiration…

white_blossom  rhody

Day 2 – Today I started out by warping up a 100 x 20 metre SAORI black cotton warp for experimenting.

And then I gathered up all the bobbins in my studio that still had yarn on them…


and started weaving.

The rest of my day was preparation for the Workshops on the Rock brochure launch party. Alan and I are both listed in the brochure of doing workshops and retreats. I took my loom with the Blossom Banner on it and invited people to try out SAORI weaving. I met lots of the other artists on the island as well as others that attended the event.


Now off to the studio for Day 3…

Happy Weaving,


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Upcoming Saori Weaving Workshops

Just thought I’d update everyone with some upcoming workshops. I enjoyed the workshop in New Zealand so much, came back and did another in Kamloops and just finished a Saori weaving retreat here at the cottage and studio – looking forward to more Saori!

In Victoria at Knotty by Nature:
March 13 – 12-2pm – Saori Kai (a Saori gathering) – hosted by Knotty by Nature and Marie Suzaki

March 13 – 2:30-5pm Saori Design Class with Marie Suzaki and Terri Bibby
March 14 – 11am-2pm Saori Design Class with Marie Suzaki
March 14 – 2:30-5pm Saori Design Class with Marie Suzaki
March 21 – Saori Weaving Classes with Marie Suzaki

March 25 – Saori Weaving Class with Terri Bibby
March 26 – Saori Weaving Class with Terri Bibby

More classes at Knotty by Nature in April – contact Knotty by Nature to register for any of the classes or for more information.

Saori Weaving

In Hawaii – hosted by Saori no Mori and VSA Arts of Hawaii-Pacific
April 20 & 21 – SAORI Hand Weaving Workshop in Hawaii for SAORI Loom Owners and Instructors – see SAORI Global for more information and registration details.

Saori no mori

On Salt Spring Island at Saori Salt Spring:
On going classes and special workshops and retreats by request.
Please contact me for more information or to register.

Salt Spring Island

In Duncan at Gloria Daly’s studio later this year (just thought I’d give you a heads up):
October 14 & 15 – Exploring Saori Weaving with Terri Bibby

Other workshops are in the planning stages, so please check back with my workshop calendar for updates and details – Events Calendar

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