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Ruckle Park and Weaving an Earth Banner

On Sunday I went down to Ruckle Park on Salt Spring Island for “Ruckle Park Days”. The weather was beautiful and it was a marvelous day.

The 4Hers were there with their animals…

4H animals

of many sorts…

There were nails to be pounded

logs to be sawed

butter to be churned

sheep to be herded

Sheep Herding

wool to spin and to weave

and an Earth Banner to create….

Saori Weaving

and music…

And the Saori Earth Banner is almost finished!

Saori weaving - earth banner

Oh, I love this community!

Happy Weaving,


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Thanks to Alan for the great photos!

Saori weaving founder turns 95 …

Misao Jo is the founder of Saori weaving and has been weaving every day for over 40 years. In Japan they just celebrated her 95th birthday with a BBQ and an exhibition of some of her works.

You can see more information about her birthday exhibition here (under ‘What’s New’ click on Gallery and then the entry at the top about Misao Jo) and her birthday celebration here.

She still weaves every day and shares Saori weaving with others.  What an inspiration!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Weaving!


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Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition | The Envelope, Please

Meg, in Nelson, New Zealand, is organizing a virtual exhibition of woven scarves. You can find all of the details here.

I think I’ll weave something new for the exhibition. Hope you’ll consider joining in! Monday, June 9 is the deadline for letting her know and sending photos, etc.

Saori Weaving - Close Up

Also, Cindi, at Layers Upon Layers has posted information about a call for entries for “The Envelope, Please” – Lark Books looking for creative envelopes for an upcoming book.

Many thanks to Taueret and Noreen Crone-Findlay for giving me the heads-up about these upcoming opportunities!

Happy Weaving,

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Earth Day – Weaving an Earth Banner

Happy Earth Day!

On Salt Spring Island, we had some celebrations on Sunday for Earth Day.

At one of the events I was invited to bring my Saori loom so that we could start weaving an ‘Earth Banner’.

I set up the warp using greens & browns and naturals and took my loom to the celebration.

Saori Weaving - Earth Day Banner

Of course, the Raging Grannies were there to sing about what we can do to reduce our impact on the earth.

Saori Weaving - Earth Day Banner

The children always love to come and try out some Saori weaving …

Saori Weaving - Earth Day Banner

And many people added their threads to the Earth Banner.

Next stop – Ruckle Day on May 4 …. where the banner will continue
as we celebrate spring and the planting of new crops at the Ruckle Farm on Salt Spring Island.

Happy Earth Day … and Happy Weaving,