2012 International SAORI Weaving Conference…

…was held in Studio City (Los Angeles), California. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there but I’ve heard is that it was as great and inspiring as I imagined it would be.

Laura Roveda, of SAORI Studio LA, hosted the conference which was sponsored by Saorinomori/Sakaiseikisangyo Co of Japan and the US-Canada SAORI Weaving Association. The conference included workshops, an exhibit, a fashion show and SAORI Kai. The following week was for workshops including SAORI clothing design and SAORI weaving classes.

From what I hear, the next US-Canada conference may be held in two years – 2014, no date or location determined yet. Some people have posted photos on Facebook or on Ravelry – so I hope that you can see some of them.

There are some new items that were introduced at the conference including a new Sakiori shuttle, a new and updated Self Discovery Through Free Weaving book, accessories for the WX-60 including wheels and a height adjustment. I will also be getting in some conference pre-wound warps and special yarn sets from the conference.

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I am very excited to announce that SAORI Salt Spring will be hosting the

2012 International SAORI Weaving Conference ~ SAORI on Salt Spring

This conference is being co-sponsored by Saorinomori / Sakaiseikisangyco Co. Ltd. of Japan and the US-Canada Association of SAORI Weaving and will be held on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada (map).

Kenzo Jo and others from Japan will be attending and presenting some of the workshops. Studio owners and weavers from across North America will also be attending and presenting workshops and we are hoping that you can come too.


September 21, 22 & 23 – will be the main conference featuring an exhibit, a fashion show, workshops, a chance to showcase your SAORI weaving and learn from each other through sharing ideas and inspiration.

September 24-30 – will be post conference workshops featuring day-long workshops on SAORI weaving, designing clothing and more

Details are being worked on and more information will be posted as it is available.

Salt Spring Island is beautiful in the fall, the Salt Spring Market is on and there is much to do and to see.

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