Jenny’s Chakra Cloth

Jenny wove this amazing Chakra cloth in just one week. She took all of the colours and textures she had for each of the chakra colours – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (same as the rainbow colours) and wove a section of each one. It is so amazing – I love it!

She brought it to the studio today and I just took some quick snapshots. They at least show some of the variation in the materials and colour – but I wish I had a great photo of the whole thing….

There are many things written about the chakras and meanings.  But since this is not my work, I won’t expand on them here.

Red -1st chakra

Chakra colours

Orange – 2nd chakra

Chakra colours

Yellow – 3rd chakra

Chakra colours

Green – 4th chakra

Chakra colours

Blue – 5th chakra, Indigo – 6th chakra

Chakra colours

Violet – 7th chakra

Chakra colours

My apologies for having some of these photos of the piece with the colours going the wrong way. I had to hang it from my rafters to be able to take the photos…so I would have liked it from Red at the bottom to the violet at the top…but I hope you get the idea!

It is great to see this. I have been doing rainbow warps for a lot of the Peace Banners and this shows the Rainbow or Chakra colours as the weft (on a black warp).


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