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Laura is the owner of a wonderful store on Salt Spring Island, BC called Windflower Moon – Gifts for the Spirit. This past May at our Ruckle Park Days, her son tried some weaving on the Saori loom. He enjoyed it and has woven at community events before. The next day I received an email from Laura saying she was interested in trying it out.

Fast forward to September and Laura has a Saori loom, a stash of wonderful yarns that she has been collecting and has woven some wonderful pieces. Her sense of colour is fantastic and she has really embraced the Saori way. Her son, Oliver, also continues to weave.


This fall was the 6th anniversary of the opening of the store and so she decided that instead of taking her staff out for dinner, she would invite them to the Saori studio to have a morning of weaving. We decided to weave at the Fall Equinox.


So Laura and the staff all spent 3 hours weaving – what a wonderful morning we had, the weaving and the Saori way really resonated with all of the women.

Saori Weaving

Toni, Lauren, Laura, Kaia

Well, now this has developed further and I now have one my Saori looms at the store in the window with a long black warp on and the staff are inviting community members and people visiting the store to participate in weaving a community banner. In two weeks, the banner already runs the length of the store and is so beautiful!

I love having a loom in town as Saori outreach, to introduce people to Saori weaving, to include them in a community banner and to let the staff of Windflower Moon continue to explore the Saori way. We are weaving together with intention for the community – there are so many wonderful metaphors and meaning to this and I am so excited about the possibilites – “changing the world, one loom at a time”.

Happy Weaving,

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