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After posting images of my looms on Loomsday (New Year’s Day) in response to Meg’s ‘challenge’ (be sure to check out all the links in her post), I received responses and images of other people’s works and looms and wanted to share them.

I’m always inspired to see what everyone is up to!

Judi sent me the following:

I started 2015 with an empty loom. That’s not a bad thing, as it means I am partway through a weaving project for my son and his fiancée. I offered to do a table runner for the reception (thanks for the idea, Terri!) and the whole thing kind of snowballed. I have two runners off the loom but not finished- I am waiting for some special beads to come in the mail. This was the end of the first warp:


I am not sure what this cloth will become, but it’s the nicest leftovers I’ve ever made.

The rest of the runners ( and I think the goal is another 4) are hidden in this picture:


I am so happy to be able to contribute something original to the party- my daughter-in-law-to-be is an artist and appreciates what I do, so she gave me carte blanche in the design. The only guideline was colour- yellow and grey. (That allowed for gold and silver for bling!)

So, my loom may be empty, but it is ready to go as soon as I am.

Happy New Year!

Lynn sent me this:

Two naked looms, two new projects for 2015. A pre-wound persimmon warp just getting threaded. It will be a challenge to see what colours I’ll use as the warp. I love a challenge!!! This is such a lovely and unusual colour.



And on the ‘baby’ Piccolo, some very fine wools in ‘Autumn’ colours. At least fine threads to start…..I have a feeling this will turn into lots of texture, all wool and …… who knows?


This is what Suzy was up to:

photo credit: suzy

And here is her blog post about it.

Susan doing some SAORI weaving:

She says: Not sure what it will be, perhaps a skirt…


And having ‘fun with dollar store potholder looms’


Laura was working on weaving a vest for her dog:

Meadow’s vest to be…


And then Tanya and Dawn were weaving together and here’s what was on their looms:

Tanya received the blue/green sea colour cotton for Christmas and she was weaving “Sea Glass”…


Dawn also had blues, greens, teals, sari silk…


Well, that’s quite a round up. Thanks for sending in your photos!

Happy New Year and Happy Weaving!!

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Today we decided to go for a walk over in Goldstream Park on Vancouver Island, it was a bit misty in the morning when we arrived on the island…

Happy New Year 2013

We got to the park and the sun was shining off and on, but it was a bit chilly outside – but we were prepared for it.

Happy New Year 2013

Goldstream Park is a beautiful place where the salmon come to spawn. Earlier in the season you can visit to see the salmon run. Later in the year as the salmon die, the eagles come to feed. Today, we saw two eagles in the tree – but other years there were plenty.

Bald Eagle

Salmon bones

It is a beautiful walk anyway and we enjoyed it, the river, the trees, and more…

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

As we were driving back to the ferry down a backroad we came across some more eagles – even closer than the ones in the park. I haven’t seen them so up close before – it was amazing!



Happy 2013 and Happy Weaving!!

We had a sunny, cool & crisp day today here on the island and so decided to go up to Mt. Maxwell for a walk. What a great way to start a New Year!

View from Mt. Maxwell…

Mount Maxwell

And here is more of the island:

The forest…

Salt Spring Forest

The fields…

Salt Spring Fields

The sea…

Salish Sea

and me 🙂


Happy 2011 & Happy Weaving,

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