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India Flint Workshop – Eco Dyeing


I just got back from a trip to California where I took a 3-day workshop with India Flint.


Magic, alchemy, fun and LOTS of information! I LOVED the workshop! I haven’t done a lot of dyeing before (though I also learned Bengala Dyeing this past summer) or stitching – so this was a whole new adventure.

We went exploring the streets and railway tracks of Loomis and found many treasures.


We rolled them up in cloth, put them into a dye pot…


added water and other materials, boiled it up and waited…



Then…..the magic! Opening the bundles to see what happened…


After 3 dyepots we had 9 squares of fabric that we stitched together…


Then cut!! Then stitched onto a backing and stitched some more….

I find myself now looking at leaves in a new way – their shapes, their colours and wondering what they may become in a dyepot.

I learned so much from India, including a different way at looking at things and thinking about things. Thank you!!



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Spinning through Autumn

On a beautiful autumn day we went for a walk at Duck Creek….the colours were gorgeous!

Duck Creek in Autumn

When I saw the colours of the trees, the sunshine and the blue sky, I had this image in my mind of a small child, spinning with arms outstretched – under the tree, with the yellow leaves spinning under the bright blue sky – of course getting so dizzy and falling down in the grass and leaves!

I tried to capture this feeling with my camera…

Spinning through Autumn

in a couple of ways…

Spinning through Autumn

Happy Spinning 🙂 and Weaving,


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