Loopy Scarf – part two

So, I finished weaving the loopy scarf (see previous post). Here it is off the loom ….

Saori Loopy Scarf

And then washed it by hand.

Saori Loopy Scarf

Washed it again in the washing machine to full/felt it and here it is at this point…

Saori Loopy Scarf

Saori Loopy Scarf

Not sure if I will wash it further – it is not felted, but the spaces between the warp threads have almost disappeared.

One of my hopes was to show off the handspun yarn, I think it accomplished that. I also wanted to play with wool and felting – hmmm….might have to go a step further.

Some measurements:
Width in reed: 6.5 inches
Width after weaving: 6 inches (plus loops!)
Length off the loom: 80 inches (plus fringe)

Current Width: 4.5 inches Length: 74 inches (plus fringe)

Any thoughts?

Happy Weaving,

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