Using a Saori Cross Holder

Well, I continue on my half ‘n half exploration….

I had to make up a new warp and so decided to use two colours that have lots of contrast and so I wound a warp with blue and a light green. After I took it off the warping board and put it into the cross holder, I thought I’d snap some photos of some of the steps.

Here it is in the cross holder…

Cross holder

See how the cross is still tied, in the centre of the cross holder, the short ends come to the front, the long ends out through the back. You can untie the cross, cut the short ends in the middle and proceed with sleying the reed!

(On the Saori loom, the whole beater comes out and can flip around and rest on the front beam so that warping is at a perfect height. You can also take the reed out and attach the cross holder to the reed, support it on your lap or two stacks of books to do the first step. This is, of course, front to back warping.)

Cross holder

So, you take each thread as it comes off the cross and poke it down through the reed with the reed hook. You can do them in order – one-by-one – or design as you go – spreading out each colour across the reed. I did them basically in order – just spread the boucle out a bit…

Cross holder

Once they are in the reed, flip the beater back around (or put the reed back into the beater) and thread the heddles.

Cross holder

Tie up and you’re good to go —->

Cross holder

I LOVE the cross holder and can’t imagine doing my warping any other way now!

Next post – another half ‘n half….

Happy Weaving,

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