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Sunday was Ruckle Farm Day – a gathering of community to celebrate the heritage of the Ruckle Farm, the farming community and traditional hand crafts – from churning butter to sawing logs, blacksmithing and many others incluing of course, weaving and spinning. As Mihoko said in a post on Facebook – SAORI – a new tradition!! I love that 🙂

So the “Blossom Banner” was out in the public once again for one and all to try weaving….


The spinners were also there showing people how to turn fleece into yarn ….




…and more.

A great time! And then off to a new discovery – Kizmit Cafe – way in the deep south
of the island…a funky, truly Salt Spring experience…




Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com

This summer I am going to be offering 4 weaving camps at my studio. These will run Mon-Wed from 10-Noon on the following dates:

July 7-9
July 28-30
August 11-13
August 18-20

These will give children, youth or adults a chance to explore Saori weaving. You can weave just for fun and exploration or make a project such as a belt, scarf, bag or more – the possibilities are endless.

Saori Weaving Saori Weaving

Please email or call for more information or to register for one or more workshops.

Happy Weaving,


My website: www.saltspringweaving.com