International Day of Climate Action

Today, October 24, 2009 is an International Day of Climate Action. People around the world are coming together to speak out about changes that we need to make at all levels. Here on Salt Spring Island, there are many events happening – a Climate Action Rally, Transition Town Meeting, a Global Day of Climate Action event and so on.

I have added more found objects to my Earth loom…

Earth Loom

…along with the 350 sign.

More on the day from Bill McKibben of 350.org:

I can hardly believe my eyes.

16 hours ago, citizens in New Zealand gathered before dawn next to a wind turbine on a mountaintop. As local elders said prayers to bless the global event, banners and signs were held high to to greet the planet’s first rays of sunlight on this most incredible of days.

As the sun continues across the planet we’ve been receiving photos and video of rallies in Ethiopia, bike rides in Wellington, SCUBA divers in Australia, organizers planting 350 trees in Thailand, hundreds of students marching in India and Nepal and Mongolia. And we’re getting reports from 350.org offices around the world that the phones are ringing off the hook with calls from the media who want to cover the story.

The day is just beginning and already it’s larger, more powerful, and so much more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. I’ve been a writer my entire life and yet words truly cannot describe what you have accomplished already. To truly grasp today, please stay tuned to our website as more and more photos come in from across the planet, and especially our evolving photo slideshow.

And the best news of all? The day has just begun!

Earth Loom

Let me know what you are doing for this International Day of Climate Action.

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