SAORI Kai II – Wrap up

Thank you so much to Doneal, Noreen, Gabriella, Judi, Lynn and Tanya for sending in photos of their SAORI weaving! I love seeing what people are creating and hearing the background and thoughts behind a piece. Thanks also to everyone who ‘liked’ a post on Facebook or commented on the posts on the blog.

So, I thought I’d show my latest piece to wrap things up – the “Memories of Peru” red weaving.

I have it hanging over a large mirror in our hallway right now for Christmas. I’ve tried multiple times to take photos of it – tricky with the mirror. The weaving is 12 feet long and drapes across the top and down both sides of the mirror as you come in the front door.

Here it is in sections draped on a chair so you can see it better.

Memories of Peru - SAORI Weaving

I loved working on this red weaving – such a warm colour and I really was thinking alot about Peru – one place I’d love to go!! Nice for Christmas too 🙂

There’s a section in here that I call ‘red road’ which is kind of a pathway and journey section of the weaving.

Memories of Peru - SAORI Weaving

After Christmas it may be destined for some clothes or it may stay as a wall hanging of sorts. We’ll see.

Now, I’m back to a blue warp – surprise!!

Blue Warp - SAORI Weaving

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Happy Weaving,

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  1. Gabriella
    Gabriella says:

    Thank you for hosting Terri. I felt privileged to participate and I very much enjoyed seeing everyone’s work. I also appreciated the encouragement I received. And your piece is absolutely beautiful. I’m inspired to explore the many shades of red that are out there! I wish you and you family a wonderful Christmas and new year!

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