SAORI Kai II – Waiting for Chocolate…

So, I heard from Tanya yesterday that she was going to send in some photos of her current work in progress – so I thought I’d wait for it. She calls her piece “Chocolate Mint” – and that sounded worth waiting for…..

Tanya says:

Here are some pictures of the chocolate weaving I am working on. This warp has been waiting to be used for a while and was originally intended to be for some pillow covers. But the dark chocolate brown made me change my mind.

Chocolate Mint Weaving

It’s mostly alpaca, cotton, silk and bamboo, with a few odds and ends thrown in. It’s very lush and soft and I look forward to wearing the resulting clothing. The warp had a bit of green and teal/blue in it that come through and I’ve used a teeny bit of green also in the weft here and there.

Chocolate Mint Weaving

Chocolate Mint Weaving

Weaving in front of the fire in Jasper was really lovely.

Chocolate Mint Weaving

Weaving, chocolate, being in Jasper, by a fire – sounds like a wonderful time – and the inspiration is certainly coming through the weaving. This is really wonderful Tanya – I look forward to seeing the finished piece and what it will become! Of course there was chocolate to eat before you could use the ribbons…..yum…..I’ll bet this will inspire some others!

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Happy Weaving,

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  1. lynn
    lynn says:

    This is incredibly rich….yes just like chocolate! I can just imagine how soft and cozy it’s going to feel. I love the little bits of ribbons and colour. Please show us what it becomes.

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