SAORI Kai II – Re-claimed, Re-purposed & Re-styled

Welcome to the SAORI Kai Lynn – I always love seeing your clothing!

Lynn says:

This is a top that I made quite some time ago. I love the design, so simple with just 2 pieces sewn together with the top one a bit longer – folded to make the sleeves. The bottom is folded around to make the front. The fabric is cotton with bits of treasures here and there. But, I didn’t wear it much as I didn’t like the way it hung on me. A little too small.

Then a few weeks ago I was cleaning up my studio, emptying baskets, rearranging yarns and finding some of the first SAORI weavings I did years ago. I found a narrow strip of dark red, purple, a touch of yellow and blue. It just jumped out at me! I looked at it for a few days, thinking of how I could incorporate it into something I could wear.

SAORI weaving

There was my neglected blue and red shrug, sitting forlornly waiting to be decorated for Christmas. It is the perfect collar! Now it fits, hangs beautifully and keeps my neck warm.

SAORI weaving

I love the way SAORI has become such an integrated part of my everyday life. The way I cook, the way I garden and the way I create.

SAORI weaving

Thank you for having the SAORI Kai Terri. I am always so inspired by seeing what others create.

Thanks for being part of the Kai Lynn! I love how you are so often re-using, re-purposing and re-designing things to work for you. You have often said that you want to be able to wear the things you make and so the designs have to work for you. I’m so glad that you found a way for this one to work for you – when I saw it the other day it looked like a whole new top!

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Happy Weaving,

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  1. Doneal Fox
    Doneal Fox says:

    love the shape of this garment and how you put together all of the different elements ..the neck ties it all together so beautifully..and I love how how the open space is softened by the fall of the fringe..its so graceful

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