SAORI Kai II – Oh Christmas Tree!

Judi started SAORI weaving in September and I have seen some of her work on Ravelry. I love these trees and am so glad that she is sharing them in the SAORI Kai!

SAORI Weaving - Trees

Judi says:

When I first heard about Saori weaving I was intrigued. I ordered a book from Terri, and when it came I read it cover to cover. I was speechless.

After knitting for 45 years I had, over the last few years, had a niggling suspicion that all I was doing was the fibre equivalent of paint-by-numbers. I didn’t feel creative; just productive. I had played a bit with a rigid heddle loom, but it was to try traditional techniques which didn’t speak to my inner artist either.

After reading the book over and over, it was as though the curtain had been lifted. The Saori philosophy was just what I had been seeking. Then, this past September, I spent a few days on Saltspring in Terri’s studio and my fate was sealed. A loom arrived at my house shortly after I got home, and hardly a day has gone by since that I haven’t sat at it and woven. I have made scarves, fabric yardage (some of which has been used in construction and some of which is waiting. Not sure what for, but it is waiting.) and my favourite so far, wall hangings.

These Christmas trees grew quickly, with no overall plan, from somewhere in my heart, and I suspect that there are many more little “pieces” waiting to emerge. I love that there are no Weaving Police, and that many of the traditional techniques I taught myself can be used nicely in Saori. I am so enjoying playing with fibre and texture and colour, and I love that everything I make is one-of-a-kind. When I weave, the Saori philosophy is never far from my mind, and I find it incredibly exhilarating, like walking on a beach in a big storm; wind and rain in my face and hair.

I am home.

I like your home a lot 🙂

More photos of the trees:

SAORI Weaving - Trees

SAORI Weaving - Trees


If you are part of Ravelry, you can see more of Judi’s work on her project page here.

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Happy Weaving,

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