Weaving a Way to Wellness

This week there was a conference in Edmonton – the First International Women’s Shelter Conference. Over 800 people from many different countries attended.

One of the sessions was ‘Weaving a Way to Wellness‘ – which focussed on SAORI weaving and how the philosophy and practice of Saori weaving can be very therapeutic. Cathie Cameron from Canadian Mental Health in Nanaimo has a pilot project working with people through Saori weaving to gain skills in business, learn Saori weaving, make and sell items, but most of all ‘Weave their way to wellness’.

I also offer Saori weaving to women in shelters as a way to open discussions about wellness & creativity and just for the joy of weaving something for themselves.

Weaving a Way to Wellness

Cathie and I enjoyed having the opportunity to talk to about 100 people about Saori weaving. There were many questions and comments after the presentation.

During the conference we had a Saori loom warped up with a rainbow warp and all the people attending were invited to add some weaving to a Peace Banner. This banner was presented at the closing dinner to the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters, the organizing agency, as a commemoration of the conference. They will be displaying it in their office this year, along with the names of the 162 people who did the weaving. It will travel to the next conference.

Weaving a Way to Wellness

A local Edmonton news article on the banner – here.

The conference was an amazing opportunity to connect with people all over the world working to end domestic violence and to support those people who have been living with it.


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  1. Petra
    Petra says:

    Oh Terri, that must have been an awesome conference! How wonderful that Saori weaving as a way to wellness is getting such a wide exposure. Keep up the good work.
    Love and peace,

  2. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks so much Petra. It really was amazing to be there and to meet so many wonderful people – working towards peace and non-violence. Being able to share Saori weaving with them was wonderful.

    In peace,

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