SAORI Weaving in the Community

This past weekend was an art event called “Gorge on Art” – set on the beautiful Gorge Waterway in Victoria, BC. There were many types of art there including paintings, jewelry, pottery, metal work and SAORI Weaving!

Gorge on Art

Lynn (and Bob and Alan) helped with the set up of the tent and booth at the festival.

Gorge on Art

Gorge on Art

Of course we brought a SAORI loom to invite people to weave a scarf for the Omoi no Katachi (Thinking of You) project (see more information on a previous post here). This scarf will be sent to Japan as part of weaving “10,000 scarves” to help the communities affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

Omoi no Katachi

Many people enjoyed the weaving….

Gorge on Art

Gorge on Art

Gorge on Art

Gorge on Art

And seeing the things offered for sale…

And we enjoyed meeting many people and talking with them about SAORI weaving. Lynn’s comments on the day were:

  • I love watching kids weave, they are so uninhibited.
  • I marvel at adults that say I can’t and then do! and discover how much fun it is.
  • I love it when they ask if they can feel the weavings and are delighted with the experience.
  • The couple that wove so differently was interesting…so opposite, yet able to laugh at each other.
  • I am amazed at how quickly the time went and how much fun it is to engage with people who are interested, have such positive energy, discover something new about themselves.
  • I am amazed at myself, that I can be a part of something so incredible, creative, satisfying after having such a different previous life!

I think that really sums it up. I love being in the community with SAORI!

And here is the finished piece from the day – 8 feet long in just 5 hours…

Gorge on Art

Many weavers – all different styles!

Gorge on Art

Gorge on Art

Happy Weaving,

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6 replies
  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    I very much enjoyed your record of the event – photos and text; Lynn’s comments are a great precis. Seeing the finished piece, with details, is wonderful. So multi-faceted, this SAORI adventure.

  2. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks all!

    I always love being in community with SAORI – whether it is at an event like this, a SAORI Kai or in a class. The sharing of SAORI really deepens my understanding of it and brings endless possibilities.

    Happy Weaving,

  3. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I’m noticing the ‘beauty of the whole’, how it seems to expand as we go from a few small inches of cloth… to a banner… to a collection of pieces displayed together. And also from our individual quiet studios to the weaving friends we have to the larger community. It just grows doesn’t it?

  4. lynn
    lynn says:

    Great pictures to help us remember an amazing day, thanks Alan! We really did have a lot of fun. Happy weavers contributing to a weaving that will make it’s way to Japan.

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