Saori Weaving for Peace – Hiroshima Day

Today, August 6, is Hiroshima Day.

On Salt Spring, we have a gathering in the Peace Park to sing, dance, weave, make lanterns and talk about Peace.

I will be taking my loom to start a Peace Banner – this one will have a white warp – symbolic of the white dove for peace.

Also today in Japan there are two weavings from Salt Spring Island for Hiroshima Day – this year in Sendai, Japan for “Saori Peace Weave 2008”. One is the Earth Banner that was woven on Earth Day and at Ruckle Farm…..for “How can we have Peace if we don’t look after the earth”.

Earth Banner

Earth Banner

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Even my cat, Snickers, is contemplating the Earth Banner….

Snickers contemplating the Earth Banner

I also sent a Khata for Peace – One thread, one world, one peace to Sendai. Woven out of one thread of white cotton.

Khatas for Peace

These banners will then travel to Hiroshima for another exhibit.

Thank you to all of the people who continue to Weave Peace!

Peace Today and every day!


My website: www.saltspringweaving.com

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  1. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks so much Taueret!

    I love to take my loom to these events and let people weave for peace for the earth, the environment…..

    Happy Weaving,

  2. terri
    terri says:

    Thank you Jude!

    I just had to pop over to your site and wow – your work is great! I saw one post called “Quilting with New Eyes” and it reminds me of the SAORI slogan of “Let’s look out with eyes that Shine” …. seeing things in new ways.

    Happy Quilting Jude,

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