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Saori Weaving Classes, Workshops, Retreats (and Photography Retreats too)

Now that fall has arrived, it’s like my new year. Getting back to classes, schedules and of course getting new school supplies – which now includes buying more fibre!!

I am starting to plan out class times and workshops for this fall. A new workshop that I will be offering, along with Kim Cowley-Adam is “Saori Clothing Design”. We will be holding this at Knotty by Nature in Victoria, BC on Saturday, October 17.

I am also hoping to have more people come for retreats here at the cottage and studio on Salt Spring Island. I love having people come and immerse themselves in Saori and the island life.

Our cottage …

Honeysuckle Cottage

… is a true home away from home. A one-bedroom cottage with a full kitchen, living room/dining room, movies, library, bathroom and even a washer and dryer for longer stays and lots of “island peace & tranquility”. Oh, and we do have high-speed internet for those times you just need to be connected.

You can weave at the studio for a few hours or a few days. No weaving experience is necessary – just come in and enjoy playing with colour, fibre and texture in new ways as you discover weaving and discover yourself in the Saori way.

Saori Loom

Alan also does photography retreats, so whether you want to learn about the camera you have, get recommendations on cameras to purchase, learn how to download and adjust, email or print images, he is very knowledgeable. The photo retreats are also very flexible based on how much time you want to spend and what you want to learn. He has taken many of the photos for my blog and website as well as being a professional photographer and documentary filmmaker.

Here is one of his images from a local bronze foundry and more can be found here.

Bronze Foundry

Please contact me to find out more or visit my website at www.saorisaltspring.com.

Happy Weaving,