SAORI Peace Weave 2012

Last week, Darn Good Yarn asked me to do a guest blog for their site and they featured my weaving that I did for SAORI Peace Weave 2012. You can read the post and see some photos here.

This year the SAORI Peace Weave 2012 exhibit will be from July 14 – 17 at the Former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch (Fukoro-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima). I was so happy to be able to send something to contribute to this annual event. This year’s theme is “walk / go forward” for peace.

Tara, who weaves at my studio, also contributed a weaving to go to SAORI Peace Weave this year. Here is a photo of it…

The title is ‘KISSAKO’ which is a welcoming word with a few different interpretations, but basically ‘welcoming people with love’. Tara says she was delighted to make this offering for Peace and greatly appreciates the ‘goodness’ in the Japanese Saori community.

It is beautiful – I love the colours and the way that the red is so striking against the other colours and yarns!

My weaving this year is called “Threads of Hope & Healing”. I chose to weave with some local white alpaca yarn. Then for some colour, I used Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon. Nicole from Darn Good Yarn says:

All of the yarn is made from recycled and Earth friendly materials and much of it is created from the colorful remnants of the production of silk saris in Nepal and Northern India. These materials are handspun and dyed by women’s groups in Nepal. Darn Good Yarn provides these women with a marketplace for the products, as well as much needed wages for their families.

I think that these are some steps forward to peace.

I have been weaving for peace every year since 2006 and usually as a community collaborative weaving. Unable to do that earlier this year, I decided to use the colours of the chakras and chose pieces of the ribbon to go with them. This is part of my personal “walk forward” and related to some of the meditation and energy work that I am doing for my own healing.

When I finished the weaving I wanted a picture of it, so Alan and I headed out in the car to find a location to take the photograph. We didn’t go far – just down the road to our neighbour’s farm – North End Farm. (This is where we get delicious eggs, strawberries, tomatoes and other local produce).

The set-up for the shoot…

The barn seemed to be the perfect backdrop for the banner…

Happy & Peaceful Weaving,

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  1. Noreen Crone-Findlay
    Noreen Crone-Findlay says:

    The barn is indeed the perfect backdrop for your weaving!
    I found it really striking, and it’s just lovely the way the textures and shimmering wood set the banner aglow!

    I also loved seeing Alan photographing it, as it gave me a whole new perspective on the scale of the piece! I had thought that it was MUCH smaller! What a surprise to see how large it is!

    And, I love it…. it’s gorgeous – a beautiful expression of your healing journey!

  2. Angie Willis
    Angie Willis says:

    I love your banner – I love the freedom of it and the wonderful textures. There are no Saori weaving classes in the UK that I know of.

    Do you know whether a ready made warp would work on an Ashford Rigid Heddle loom? I’d be really grateful if you could let me know because I can’t afford a Saori loom right now especially with the shipping costs to the UK.

  3. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks Noreen, Karen & Angie!

    I like doing close-up photos and so my earlier photos were as the work was progressing and I see how you could have thought it was smaller. Fun to see something from someone else’s perspective!

    Angie – check out LoomTime – http://www.loomtime.com. Victoria is in the UK and is the only SAORI studio that I’m aware of in the UK. Other studios can also be found on the SAORI Global site at – http://saoriglobal.com/tabid/68/Default.aspx.

    Happy Weaving,

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