An Earth Loom

My cousins were here when I received my Journey Loom from Weaving A Life. It was fun to put it together and do my first weaving on it. I love that it is so portable that I can take it hiking with me. I also love my portable Saori loom which goes many places, but it is not portable enough to weave on in my car or on the ferry or on the hilltop!

I LOVE the Earth Loom in the book and my cousin had the idea to build one for me! Wow – thanks so much. It was just put up this weekend and I have started to warp it. I hope that many people will contribute the the weaving once it is ready to go.

Earth Loom

I have set it up on our turn-around, under the arbutus tree and at the intersection to the Saori Salt Spring Studio and Honeysuckle Cottage.

I think that this type of loom will be great for weaving peace and nature in many places. You can find out more information about Earth Looms here.

Watch for more photos to come as the warping and weaving progresses…

Happy Weaving,

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  1. LaVonne
    LaVonne says:

    Can you tell me the lengths of your pieces? I want to make one, but not as big as the ones on the Earth Loom website. I know my dh would be more helpful if I can tell him lengths to cut! :0)’

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