A new Peace Banner

A new Peace Banner was created in Grand Forks over the summer and fall months. It is a beautiful banner made of cloth strips in the ‘rag rug’ type of weaving.

Grand Forks Peace Banner
photo from Joybilee Farm (see blog link)

“The Boundary Spinners and Weavers guild presented a Peace Banner to the Grand Forks Art Gallery today, as part of a celebration of International Spinning and Weaving Week. The completed banner is 32 inches wide and 34 feet long.

You can see the pictures and more information on Chris’s blog, as well as an explanation of the concept — inspired by the Peace Banners being done on Salt Spring by Terri Bibby.”

It is so wonderful for me to see the Peace Weaving growing in other communities. The threads of our stories and lives and wishes for peace continue to be woven together…

Happy Weaving,

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Saori Salt Spring