P2P2 – Pics (as in pictures) to Picks (a pick is a single row of weaving) 2 (as in the second time this has been done). Well, now that I have the definition out of the way…..

P2P2 is really a “Weaving Design Process Challenge” that Meg in Nelson (New Zealand) has called together. I saw a post about it just at the last minute and put my name in.


The first part of this challenge that I am working on is to “Collect three (or more if you like, but no more than around six) photographs/clipping/drawing to inspire a weaver.” Once I have these together, I send them off to my partner – Chewiedox in Ohio.

And then I wait with anticipation for images to arrive to inspire me from Kaz – aka Curiousweaver – in Australia (who, by the way, is also a Saori weaver and has just set up the first Saori weaving studio in Australia).

Here is the link to the original P2P to get an idea of what people did last time.

You can follow my progress with this project by searching on my blog for P2P2 as I will tag all posts with this. And you can follow others progress by clicking over to their blog, website or Flickr photostream here.

Should be fun doing some Saori exploring and weaving with some photos/images/drawings – or whatever shows up from my partner. I’ll keep you posted!

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com

PS – If you want to learn more about Saori weaving and see if there is someone in your area, please have a look at SAORI Global and the network of Saori studios.

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  1. karen
    karen says:

    Terri, you are doing the most fascinating things! And the links lead to hops and strolls in an unfolding of community. Also, I found myself saying P….2….P….2 P.2.P.2 P2P2 etc. and was amused and intrigued by the variations in sound that could be produced.

  2. terri
    terri says:

    Yes, I’m not quite sure how I get myself into some of these things – but this looked interesting to try out. I had heard about the initial one – P2P – and was sorry I missed it so thought I would jump into this!!

    You could probably do a weaving based on the sounds – making a variation in the picks by the length of the sounds……hmmmmm…..

    Happy Weaving!

  3. jeannine
    jeannine says:

    What a coincidence that you are waiting for the pictures of curiousweaver. It was after visiting her website that i learned to know about Saori- weaving .And then I met Kim Cowly-Adam in France who was so willing to learn me more about it.she is back in Canada for the moment.
    And just this week I learned that my favorite backstrap teacher (bolivian Warmi) has taken a lesson with Mihoko of Saori-worchester. Some how all weaving is connected worldwide it seems.

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