P2P2 – The big reveal

So today is the day of the ‘big reveal’ for the P2P2 challenge.

Back in May I signed up and received my partner and then the pictures to inspire me. And inspire me they did….I just didn’t have enough time to explore them all.

My first attempt didn’t progress beyond the first weaving – not for lack of interest. Here is my original blog post.


I like the colours, and I’m happy that I did the loose weaving. Weaving loosely has also been an inspiration for me lately. I started because of a discussion about leaving more space in my life – for weaving, for life, for the summer months – and that fit with the spiritual connection that this photo implies…

The second photo that I decided to play with was the one of the apples.

I liked my first thought about the apples and the indented holder and trying out some collapse weave. Would the ‘apples’ bubble out as I thought? Would the wool that I had on hand felt enough? How close to set the warp, how to weave….

So, you will see the initial set-up on the loom on my post here.

I started weaving pretty much as I saw the photo – crate, apples, crate, apples – quite symmetrical.

P2P2 Apples

I soon had other ideas and wanted to play – SAORI style. So, the first thing I tried was taking some green weft threads and leaving them long and extended out the left side of the weaving and then threaded them through the reed and heddles and added weights so that they would become warp threads. I was thinking of apples tumbling out of the box….though the result didn’t really turn out that way!

P2P2 Apples

I added more green threads to the left-hand side, then some purple until I had one further square (apple) on the left side.

Then I felt that the right side looked a little rigid and so I started decreasing on that side. Cutting the warp threads at the back and turning them into weft. Then both sides…

P2P2 Apples

Weft becomes warp and warp becomes weft. Fun!

Results on the loom – hmmm….. not so sure.

P2P2 Apples

Then I ran out of warp – I hadn’t made a very long one. I didn’t intend this to be the last piece – and it won’t be (another is already on the loom) – but it is where I am at today for the ‘Big Reveal’.

This is the piece after washing, washing in the machine, drying in the dryer, washing again, drying again. Quite a transformation!

P2P2 Apples

P2P2 Apples

I’m so pleased that the apples did pop up and the purple ‘crate’ felted. I realize that I made the crate too big and the apples too small to be a replication of the photo – but that wasn’t really the intent anyway, especially after the first 3 squares 🙂

I have ended up with a little neck scarf that I’m rather happy with.

So here, at last, are my final pictures.

P2P2 Apples

I am thinking that I’ll get a big apple green button to sew partway up wider end and then tie the fringe of the narrow end together into a button loop so that I can just hook it on to wear the scarf.

P2P2 Apples

P2P2 Apples

Thanks Meg for organizing this. Thanks Kaz for the inspirational photos (I still have more ideas) and thanks to the others for sharing their work – very interesting ideas, approaches and works in progress. Looking forward to seeing the ‘reveal’ post of others.

To read more you can see the reveal and the journey posts of everyone here.

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com

13 replies
  1. Cally
    Cally says:

    What an exciting piece – I’m so glad the apples “popped”. I like the sound of that big apple green button too. I am a sucker for large buttons!

  2. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks! I had a few people in the studio while I was working on it and they too loved the colours. It was totally inspired by the photo – not sure I would have chosen them otherwise.

    I’m off to look for the button tomorrow – but couldn’t get it in time for the ‘reveal’.

    And yes, I love the ‘pop’ of the apples – very exciting to see it come out of the dryer!!

    Happy Weaving,

  3. Julie Bowyer
    Julie Bowyer says:

    This is so exciting Terri. When I started to read your post I was wondering ‘what is she doing?’ but then I saw the results I find it really fascinating. Well done! Julie

  4. Shirley Treasure
    Shirley Treasure says:

    Your apple scarf makes me smile :o) I love it! I love how the apples ‘pop’ and I love how you made the ‘weft the warp’ and the ‘warp the weft’! Yes, what FUN! Well done Xxx

  5. terri
    terri says:

    Julie – I indeed wondered that myself! I was just hoping it would ‘all come out (alright) in the wash’!!

    Noreen – thanks! I’m going to have a look tomorrow – but just may take you up on your offer 🙂

    Shirley – oh I love when weaving makes people smile – Yay! Yes, fun to play with the structure of the weaving….possibilities….

    Happy Weaving All,

  6. karen
    karen says:

    Vibrant! The energy built as I read and viewed the process. And expressed with a bang at ‘wearable’. Looking forward to what resonates as ‘button’. You must be feeling good.

  7. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    How timely — apples for autumn and a cozy scarf too! Your process showed such freedom and curiosity. Beautiful.

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