Exploring apples…. (p2p2)

I have picked up another thread of the P2P2 project and am exploring the photo of the apples from CuriousWeaver.

P2P2 - apples

I originally had the idea of collapse weave and wanted to pursue that. So I have made a warp with wool and cotton – hoping that the wool will shrink and felt – and the cotton – not so much. I would have liked having something like bamboo for the green, but wanted to use what was on hand.

I started with just the brighter green for the granny smith apples and then added in the lighter one for the highlights.

Warped and ready to play…..(note that the colours in the first photo are more the true colours – not sure how to adjust these to get the purple so that is not so blue…)

P2P2 - apples

Interesting that my first bit of weaving seems to want to be regular and symmetric like the photo…

P2P2 - apples

I can already feel the ideas coming – so now do some experimentation…wish I had made a longer warp!!

Happy Weaving,

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