Inspired by a link (which I will post when I find it again) sent to me by Chris (of Rawsome Coaching) I decided to crochet some bowls. I had a big skein of wool that I bought when I was in New Zealand and so I asked Tom if he would wind it into a ball for me…


…he uses a nostepinne and his hand was a blur (see this video for step-by-step instructions). This nostepinne was made by our good friends Noreen & Jim over at Crone-Findlay Creations.

I love to crochet while travelling or sitting and waiting for something. I don’t use a pattern, so each bowl is a different shape and size. Here is one bowl after crocheting…


…and a close up…


Another one after felting in the washing machine and formed over a bowl to dry…


…and a close-up…


Since these photos, I have washed them once more and will run through a third time as I’d like to get them thicker and not showing the stitches so much….adventures in felting!

Happy Weaving, crocheting, knitting, spinning and all things fibre!

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