Time for a walk…

The past weekend was one of those gorgeous sunny fall weekends on Salt Spring Island and so we went out for a couple of walks …

and to the beach …

Alan doing some photography …

…of a strange looking jellyfish!


And the other morning I had to go into town early to do a radio interview. I stopped by the lake to clear my mind. The mists and the fall colours were beautiful and the lake so calm!

Happy Walking and Happy Weaving,

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  1. Tracy Fata
    Tracy Fata says:

    Hey Terri,
    I was enjoying the wonderful photos and thinking I can’t wait to be there in December! And then off to the side I noticed the sketchbook project. I have just signed up Andi and we will work on it together. Our theme is “It is winter where we are” I am going to have the sketch book digitized so that it can be viewed on line. Once we know more info, I will let you know more!!!

  2. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Pink mist on the lake in Autumn. Breath-taking. I’ve been scheming lately around the possibility of working pink into my usual earthy palette. And then along comes this beautiful cloud…effortless. And then this morning I was driving through a tree-lined street in Kitsilano — a tunnel of brilliant coral pink. It is such a beautiful season. Thanks for your photos.

  3. terri
    terri says:

    Tracy – great – glad that you and Andi have signed up – last day for sign-ups is October 31 for anyone else interested. Looking forward to seeing you in Dec!

    Nancy – wonderful – can’t wait to see how it turns out – that morning was so beautiful with the pink mist and calm waters…

    Happy Weaving all,

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