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SAORI Weaving with (grand)children


Back in September we went to visit our grandchildren. I thought that they might each try weaving a bit and so I brought one of my SAORI looms along. I set it up in the living room and during the day, they all enthusiastically did some SAORI weaving.


That first evening, the youngest and I had plans to play “Sorry” and read some stories before bed. He said “Could I weave instead of playing the game?” – sure! Then when it was bedtime he said “Could I weave instead of having stories? Well, maybe just one short story?” Sure!


Over the weekend, all 3 boys accumulated a lot of weaving projects and thanked me for bringing the loom along. Some were already given as gifts (or sold! – Granddad was more than happy to buy some of the weaving 🙂 ) and others were going to be Christmas gifts…




What a joy for me to be able to share this with my grandkids!!

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    So precious!! What fun!! So many colorful pieces! All three of the boys were such prolific little weavers! How many days were you there?? 🙂

  2. Susan Gardner
    Susan Gardner says:

    Wonderful pics of the boys and their many weavings. The joyfulness of each happy heart is evident in their exploration with colors, the focus on the edges, and the sheer volume of the pieces! Thanks for sharing.

    • Terri
      Terri says:

      That would be fun! I love seeing what children create – they are so inspiring…they were blending yarns together, trying clasped weft and loved the treasure basket!

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