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Ruckle Park and Weaving an Earth Banner

On Sunday I went down to Ruckle Park on Salt Spring Island for “Ruckle Park Days”. The weather was beautiful and it was a marvelous day.

The 4Hers were there with their animals…

4H animals

of many sorts…

There were nails to be pounded

logs to be sawed

butter to be churned

sheep to be herded

Sheep Herding

wool to spin and to weave

and an Earth Banner to create….

Saori Weaving

and music…

And the Saori Earth Banner is almost finished!

Saori weaving - earth banner

Oh, I love this community!

Happy Weaving,


My website: www.saltspringweaving.com

Thanks to Alan for the great photos!

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  1. Bety
    Bety says:

    I love to see kids weaving, or knitting. They are just so open to creating. Will you be displaying the banner in your community?

  2. terri
    terri says:

    I do too Bety – it’s so wonderful to see the kids lined up to try weaving and some of them coming back to do some more!

    I will be posting about the banner as soon as it is finished – but yes, I always like to have the banner displayed to complete the circle and let people see the whole thing – as usually they have only seen the small part that they worked on.

    This banner will then go further afield.

    Happy Weaving,

  3. Petra
    Petra says:

    Terri: I saw this link on my Salt Spring Island Alerts.

    Great community involvement. Love the pictures. So heartwarming!

    Peace and Love,

  4. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks Petra…..it’s great having the photos from Alan – he really captures a sense of the people and the place.

    Peace to you,

  5. Taueret
    Taueret says:

    What a great place you live in! The banner is lovely and those kids weaving are just too precious. I like the hammer dude too :-).

  6. terri
    terri says:

    Ah yes….I really do love it here on the island…so many great activities and community involvement.

    Aren’t the kids great – the Saori loom is a kid-magnet and because I have been out with my loom in public so much a lot of the kids already know how to weave and they are doing the teaching! Gotta love that.

    Happy Weaving,

  7. Noreen Crone-Findlay
    Noreen Crone-Findlay says:

    It looks like a truly magical event! I was enchanted by the wee carpenter and the young goatherd! And, oh…. the Peace Banner is looking so wonderful!

  8. terri
    terri says:

    The event was very heartwarming for sure – it is so wonderful that whole families can be involved and learn about all of these skills and joy!

    The new Earth/Peace Banner will be going to Sendai, Japan this year for another Saori Peace Weave event – I’m very excited to be able to send another ‘made on Salt Spring’ banner.

    Happy Weaving,

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