Pancake Picnic!

We had decided early in the day that we would have pancakes for supper tonight – a nice simple supper on the first sunny day (it seems) of the summer. Alan surprised me when he came home and said “Let’s take everything down to the beach and have a picnic!”. I thought it was a marvelous idea and so made up the (gluten free) pancake batter, cut up some strawberries and gathered everything together, Alan got the stove, etc. and off we went.

We went to beautiful Southey Point – just a short drive away…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

The tide was fairly high, but we found a nice place to sit and a flat spot to set up our little stove. Alan looked quite pleased with himself for the great idea…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

And pleased he should be – it was a beautiful evening and so nice to be at the beach. So, he started up the stove and started cooking.

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

Oh-oh, looks like the water is getting pretty close behind him…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

Oops!! Look out Alan, the tide is coming in!!

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

But, determined, he continued cooking…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

Looking good…

Pancake Picnic on the Beach


Pancake Picnic on the Beach

All turned out well and we had a fun (and memorable) time!

Pancake Picnic on the Beach

[Sorry about the lack of weaving content on this post, but it was just too good to pass up – more SAORI soon!]

Happy Weaving & Happy Summer,

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  1. karen
    karen says:

    Oh Terri
    This is wonderful – and hilarious – thanks so much for sharing. Am wondering what you use for flour – I am experimenting with various grains with varying results. And that is my idea of kitchen and dining room. Tide as an unexpected guest.

  2. mom
    mom says:

    Oh what fun, Terri! Great photo story!

    Graphic evidence that “neither time nor tide” can deter Alan from whipping
    up the most wonderful hot meals anytime, anywhere under any conditions –
    but this one really takes the [pan]cake!

    Would love to have been there . . .

  3. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks all – you are too funny!! I love the image of Tide as the unexpected guest – could be part of the title “Pancake Picnic – with an unexpected guest!”.

    And it takes the [pan]cake!!

    The flour was actually a mix – Pamela Gluten-Free Pancake mix – I still haven’t figured out all the flours yet and this is my favourite mix I’ve tried.

    🙂 Terri

  4. Noreen Crone-Findlay
    Noreen Crone-Findlay says:

    Oh my word! Alan is such a trusting soul! I would have been hightailing it up the beach at the first swish of tidal ‘ahems’!

    We don’t buy pancake mixes- we just grind up different grains in the coffee grinder that we keep for grain grinding (or the blender). Quinoa makes wonderful flour, as do buckwheat and millet. Basmati rice is easy to grind into flour, too. If you can tolerate oats, they grind up into a gorgeous flour.

    When I want to boost the protein level in biscuits, I grind up lentils, moong dal beans and the little green beans that are usually sprouted. I add spices to the biscuits to enhance the beanie flavour.

    Hope you have lots more fun picnics at the beach! We haven’t been able to picnic because of non stop rain and plagues of killer mosquitoes. A summer that has been memorable for water and mozzies.


  5. pam
    pam says:

    No no no do not apologize! This is the funniest most delightful post I have seen anywhere in a long time. You had me in stitches. And it takes a lot to do that!

    You two are awesome! I mean, what a cool thing to do – pancakes at the beach! And as the tide is coming in too! I am saving this post in a special file where I keep special posts for when I need a lift!

    Thank you both so much for sharing your spectacular evening with all of us.

  6. terri
    terri says:

    Noreen – It was such fun! and so funny! and happily not a disaster – no sea water in the mix, no toppled stove, etc.!!

    Thanks for the tips on flour. I just haven’t had the energy to try the various types of flours myself yet – so mixes have been helpful to get me through and still be able to do some baking.

    Strange weather all around. It has been cooler and rainier here – but I’m glad we don’t have the extreme heat!!

  7. terri
    terri says:

    Pam – So glad that you got a laugh out of this – we sure did!!

    Yes, it was quite a surprise to think of taking our pancakes down to the beach – but I thought I’d just go along with it and am so glad I did 🙂

    Definitely a memorable evening!

    Happy Weaving and picnicking!!

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