Happy Solstice

We had a cloudy night last night and thought that we wouldn’t see the lunar eclipse. Just before we went to sleep I checked out the window and there was a wind blowing the clouds so we could get glimpses of the moon.

Alan rushed out with camera and tripod…


…ta da!

It was so wonderful to see – we stayed outside and watched (much darkness with the clouds) and saw glimpses right up until the full eclipse – but none others long enough for photos.


Happy Solstice!

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  1. pam
    pam says:

    YOU are soooooooo lucky.

    We missed the whole thing here in Vancouver. We had a bit of hope earlier in the evening when the clouds parted but they soon became thicker than ever. These two photographers were miserable! This astronomy buff was devastated – it is the Solstice!

    I am thrilled however, that the two of you got to share and savor and enjoy this magical event.

    Thank you for the photo.

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