Dear Deer

Today we had a weird weather day. Bright sun, dark clouds, hail, thunder and snow, then sun again and it all melted.

When we looked outside our window we saw these two, oh so delightful, dear deer – probably wondering what was going on…

They have been around a lot lately and I love seeing them and know that they are around – even if it does mean fencing our garden and orchard!

Last night I went to our local “Green Drinks” gathering to talk about sustainability and also to a meeting about a soil removal bylaw. These deer are another reminder to me about our environment and how important it is to look after it. Our local government mandate through the Islands Trust is to “Preserve & Protect” and I hope that it is carefully considered each time a decision is made about further development and major changes to our island environment.
Happy Earth Day,


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  1. terri
    terri says:

    Yes – amen to ‘preserve & protect’ and looking after our environment and our earth.

    Thanks Petra,

  2. mom
    mom says:

    What a sweet picture!

    When we were out at your place, we would see the deer lying out in the open, having a rain bath, and then later, washing themselves and each other, much like cats do. It was such a delight to watch!

    I wonder if that’s what they are doing in this picture. . . oxox mom

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