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Scarves with a Purpose

Sharron Hatelt on Quadra Island has been working on a project this year called W.A.R.P., Weavers in Action Revival Project.

Some aspects of the project will be free handwoven scarves and blankets based on self-assessed need, blankets and shawls for auction at community fundraisers, as well as public weaving to encourage and enlighten folks about this wonderful craft.

WARP Scarves
photo by Sharron Hatelt

Here are some posts from her blog about the progress:
April Scarves
May Scarves
Community Market
W.A.R.P. Update
June Scarves
July Scarves
W.A.R.P. Report
Community Thanksgiving

In total

we raised over $2,000 for charity, and passed out 87 scarves, 18 baby sweaters, and two dozen other knitted items.

Wow – that is so great. Not only that but they were at the market doing much of the weaving showing people what it was all about.


and Happy Weaving,

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