The next directions…

I have prepared my warps for the next two directions – East/Yellow and North/Red. I had them sitting on a table next to my loom and noticed that my mind must have been very focussed on these colours as I had bought tulips that were these colours too…



So, here are the warps, waiting to be put onto the loom…

Red & Yellow

The vase that the flowers are in is from the Blue Horse Gallery (our neighbours) and is one of Anna’s raku vases.


Well, I can’t wait to get the next warp on the loom and get started and see where it takes me.

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Simplyme5252
    Simplyme5252 says:

    Your photography is spectacular. I’ve never seen weaving being done, but your photos show it with beautiful intricacy. And the colors of those tulips…..

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