A bit of Crochet … while on the ferry

Since we live on an island we have to take the ferry to get to the ‘Big Island’ (Vancouver Island) or to the mainland….so I like to have projects to work on during the ferry rides. I often take along some knitting or crochet to do.

My dear friend Noreen has a blog (www.hankeringforyarn.com) and she recently posted instructions for crocheted mittens and a hat. So I decided to try out the patterns and made some wrist warmers (instead of mittens):

Crochet Wrist Warmers (c) Noreen Crone-Findlay (click on image)
(the wrist warmers are made from 3 different colours of washable wool)

and a hat:

Crochet Hat (c) Noreen Crone-Findlay Crochet Hat (c) Noreen Crone-Findlay (click on images)
(the hat is made using 2 strands together of beautifully soft alpaca yarn)

Of course the patterns are copyright, but free to try out for your own use. Thanks Noreen! And thanks to dh Alan for taking the photos for me….
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Yarn from Estonia

My son brought me back some gorgeous yarn from Estonia when he was on his travels (bless him!). The other day I wound it into balls – it is a variegated yarn and I love the colours in it. Here are a couple of his photos from shops in Estonia ….

Estonia Weaving Shop Estonia - Shelves of Yarn
and the yarn ….

Estonia Yarn(click on images)

My last post was about local yarns – and this is anything but local – but it is a treasure to have something from his travels….now – what to make with it???
Happy Weaving,


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SAORI Weaving in Japan

Well, another big part of my trip was the visits to the many SAORI studios. In Osaka, SAORI No Mori, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Himeji and more….

It was so inspiring and I’m hoping to share a lot of photos – but I have to check on some permissions first.

So from one of my journal entries….

June 10, 2007

“…then we were off to SAORI No Mori…the building is amazing. Big, red and high-tech and beautifully made, well thought out. Lots of window, wood floors, great lighting, a tatami room, many, many, many looms, yarns, weavings, work areas, clothes for sale, etc. And we have a workshop with Kenzo Jo (Kenzo-sensei) who shows us all kinds of tricks and tips – from folding the looms, easier ways to transport them, spinning and cord making with the bobbin winder, weaving with our feet and so on! Very useful, very interesting.” www.saorinomori.com and the English page and me weaving with my feet (click here).

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Patagonia – Guanacos

I have been wanting to go to South America for many years. Then about 5 years ago a friend of mine gave me a calendar from Argentina with a picture of Guanacos on it…..they were looking at me and I imagined them saying ‘When are you coming??’

So, when we did go to Patagonia, I really wanted to see the Guanacos. We drove for miles through country where they live on our way to the coast but we didn’t see any along the way. When we got to the Estancia – there they were. And such a beautiful site – I felt like I had arrived!


This picture was taken by our friend, Tamara Eder, while we were there.

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Patagonia – Ponchos

Here are some photos of some gorgeous ponchos that I saw in Argentina. The style of weaving really made me think SAORI. I love the knitted collars, the wooden buttons and the way the colours are woven in.
Poncho Poncho Click on images to enlarge

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Patagonia – Estancia Ernestina

Here are some of the wonderful animals we saw on at the Estancia on Peninsula Valdes….

Sea Lions sea lions

Penguins penguins

Fox a fox

Armadillo and an armadillo

(Click on images to enlarge)

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Patagonia – Weaving

Here is an example of a typical pattern in Mapuche weaving. These strips were trimming a mirror in a room of the Estancia where we stayed on Peninsula Valdes.

Mapuche Weaving Mapuche weaving
Here is a photo of the Estancia Ernestina at Punta Norte where we stayed – an amazing place ….

Estancia Ernestina on Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia

(Click on images to enlarge)

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Patagonia photos – Where we stayed

Well, finally, to some pictures from Patagonia. We have so many, I wasn’t sure where to start….so I decided to start with our ‘home base’ near Bariloche. We were staying at Piramides Andinas – a wonderful pyramid community with a “Grand Pyramid” and 5 pyramid cabins.

Lago Nahuel Huapi, Argentina Piramides Andinas is on Lago Nahuel Huapi (a 500+ sq.km. clear blue lake)
Bahai Serena, Bariloche, Argentina across the road from Bahai Serena (a beautiful bay, complete with waterside restaurant)

Piramides Andinas, Bariloche, Argentina ~ in Patagonia with mountains as the backdrop!
Piramides Andinas, Bariloche, Argentina ~ in Patagonia This is the ‘Grand Pyramid’ – named SOL

Piramides Andinas, Bariloche, Argentina and our pyramid cabin (cabana) – Jupiter.

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