I’ve always wanted to do an ‘Artist-in-Residence’ program. I’ve thought how lovely that would be – to have some time to just focus on weaving, working with other artists, working in
community. I’ve read about ones all around the world – most recently in Iceland!!

Then one day I came across a couple of posts about an “In House Artist Residency”….doing an Artist-in-Residence program in my own residence and studio. Perfect I thought….and saved these posts (which of course link to many more so I’ll let you explore and discover new things through these)…


2011 art fix in-house residency
In-house artist residency literally
DIY Artist Residency
Marketing Mondays – DIY

And planned…..

And now the time has come! Hooray! Starting on May 1 – May Day – I am going to be doing an In-house/In-studio Artist-in-Residence program.


Here are some possibilities of things I’d like to think about and explore…

  • making weaving the first priority of my days
  • weaving with others – classes, workshops, retreats, open studio times, weavng with community and continuation of the “Blossom Banner”
  • meeting other artists – inviting them to my studio, visiting theirs,
    seeing more possibilities and connections
  • exploring through reading, writing, photographing – but mostly weaving
  • having one professional photo shoot of my work
  • taking in-progress photos
  • blogging about my experience
  • creating a newsletter/mailing list

And then there’s the weaving…

  • finishing existing warps and weaving, making clothing, etc.
  • exploring all kinds of fibre – silk, jute, local wool, finer threads, stretchy threads, it’s endless…
  • pulling threads
  • felting and weaving
  • clothes making
  • and so much more…a lifetime of possibilities…

And the SAORI philosophy…

  • Someone interpreted one of the SAORI slogans as “Explore with all your might” – that is what I hope to do – while also considering the other slogans too. I want to enter this
    Artist-in-Residency with no expectations and just be open to where things go!

And of course I have to consider my health in this and do everything in a SAORI way
– including boosting my immune system, drinking more water, green smoothies, new recipes and so on.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t be looking at Artist-in-Residence programs in other places – Iceland, Norway, Japan, Peru, etc. That is still a dream of mine…but for now I’m just going to start where I am!

I invite you to join me on this journey as “we learn from each other…”. I’ll be posting here and on Facebook and you can also find me in my studio 🙂

And a big thank you to those who inspire me and support me!

Happy Weaving,

My website: www.saorisaltspring.com