On art and activism – Artivists – Films to change the world

Artivists.org – “Merging Art and Activism for Global Consciousness”

Artivist honors filmmakers from around the world whose work addresses the importance of art and activism in our global community. (Thanks to my son for bringing this to my attention through a post from www.worldchanging.com)

On Salt Spring Island, we have our own Film Festival as well. This year it will be held the weekend of March 2, 3 & 4, 2007. See the website at www.saltspringmediagroup.com. Of course I have a special interest in this as we also do documentary filmmaking.

I just heard the other day about a new educational institute that is starting up for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands which “aims to link art and survival through interdisciplinary approaches and to foster creative solutions to environmental and social problems”. You can read more about it at Islands Institute.

Changing the world through art of many kinds….things to touch the heart and bring positive changes to our world….anyone else with stories of art to change the world?

Weaving Studio

Ahh….my weaving studio….

I have been dreaming of a weaving studio for many years and now it has become a reality. Our SAORI weaving studio in the woods on Salt Spring Island, BC.
The last board is in place…..

And my first weaving retreat is ready to go…..

Well….all the windows weren’t in at this point – but we had the SAORI weaving retreat anyway. Here is Janine with her SAORI weaving…..

And a close up

This wonderful piece of arbutus marks the beginning of the pathway to the studio …

So, you can walk over from our B&B Honeysuckle Cottage to the studio when you are staying here …


Peace Weaving

This past summer I went to the World Peace Forum with my SAORI loom, a rainbow warp and facilitated the Weaving of a Peace Banner. Over 100 people from all over the world contributed to weaving peace.

It was an amazing experience for me. A chance to share my love of weaving and my hopes, wishes, dreams and prayers of Peace with many others. In SAORI weaving there are no mistakes, each weaving is an expression of the individual and so I thought that the weaving by a community of people would be an expression of that community. So the idea for a Peace Banner was born.

I love the quote from SAORI Worcester:
“The SAORI way is to weave friendships as we weave fabric. SAORI bridges differences between people, and celebrates both our variety and our common humanity.”

The Peace Banner is now at the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver, BC where they have it on display in their drop-in centre.


Weaving and Sustainability

I just wrote to one of my weaving lists about the workshops and retreats that I am offering here at my studio and I received a reply from Jane in Cornwall, UK. Jane has a weaving studio where she uses hemp yarn as the warp and her philosophy is one of sustainability.

Her websites are gorgeous and she has beautiful work displayed …. check it out Threads of Time and House of Hemp


‘Hello world!’ And welcome to my blog!

…on weaving, peace, sustainability and life and whatever else happens to be on my mind or of interest (I hope) to some.

The weaving – that’s SAORI weaving. Weaving without boundaries.

Peace – peace within and world peace

Sustainability – all kinds of things about the environment, climate change, energy saving, green practices, green accommodations (we have a B&B), etc.

Life – day-to-day, moment-to-moment stuff

and everything else