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Walking for Peace

I just read an incredible story about a man, Jean Béliveau, who is walking “around the planet to promote “Peace and non-violence to the profit of the children of the world”.” WOW! He started on August 18th 2000 and is still walking – for 6 more years! Now that is dedication to something he believes […]

Many woven scarves

Now that Christmas has passed and gifts have been given, I can post some more pictures of scarves that were woven at my studio in December by students…… Blue Scarves “Cat in the Hat” Scarf Green Scarves My website: www.saltspringweaving.com

Yarn resources …..

Some more great sources of yarn that I have been using …… Right here on Salt Spring Island – The Gulf Islands Spinning Mill Jane Stafford Textiles Stitches In Revelstoke – Talisman Fibre & Trading My website: www.saltspringweaving.com


Weaving a Banner for Peace – article published

I wrote an article for “Fibre Focus” – The Ontario Handweavers and Spinners magazine – on my “Weaving a Banner for Peace” project this past summer. The magazine has just been published and I am so excited. I haven’t received my copy yet – but look forward to getting it soon. Fibre Focus My website: […]

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Endless possibilities …

SAORI weaving is all about endless possibilities, peace and self expression. A while ago, someone told me about a place in the U.S. that is called “Endless Possibilities”. Here, they take donated clothing that cannot be sold at their Thrift store and turn it into strips of cloth for weaving….endless possibilities. They sell these items […]

SAORI Weaving for Christmas

Here is a beautiful SAORI Christmas table runner woven recently at my studio…. and another, seen here as a scarf…. (Click on images to enlarge) My website: www.saltspringweaving.com

Local suppliers – beautiful silk yarns

Here on Salt Spring Island, we are lucky to have a wonderful supplier of gorgeous silk yarns ….. Treenway Silks You can order any of their wonderful products by mail….but what a feast for the eyes to go by the shop and see all the beautiful colours!! My website: www.saltspringweaving.com

Masked bandits…aka racoons

The other day we woke up to some ‘masked bandits’ on our pergola Click image to enlarge They were busy eating our kiwis… Click image to enlarge When I went out to see them, there were actually 5 of them – 3 were in the tree, but by the time I ran back in to […]

Studio weaving …

This past week the studio was very busy with activity! My family arrived for a week long Christmas visit and we got started weaving… The first scarf is being woven … And the making of an inkle Christmas ribbon. My website:www.saltspringweaving.com

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More peace works….

Ahhhh…..it is so wonderful to see what others are doing in their work for peace. I just came across World Hearth for Peace and Friendship – “with the intention to support “homes, hearths, and sanctuaries” in daily life for mothers, fathers, children and individuals around the world.” They are doing cultural exchanges, work with arts […]