AiR – Warps, weaving and fleece

What grand days these have been – the weather just couldn’t be better and I’ve had lots of fun exploring and being in the studio!

AiR – Days 6, 7 & 8

I continue with the weaving of the bobbins to empty them – now on the yellows – photos to come at the end of the bobbins!

The making of warps…Tara’s obi warp…


Weaving …Tara’s obi weaving…


Visitors to the studio – Tara, Marie & Jay!

Then the unexpected arrival of some local Icelandic Fleece put out in the sun to dry…


inspired me to do some weaving with wool roving that has been on my mind for a long time…



Happy Weaving,

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  1. Tara and Eve Roblin
    Tara and Eve Roblin says:

    Hi Terri, Your work is so refined in a Saori way… the roving weaving looks so cozy. We think Mars will like this creation! Love, Eve and Tara

    • terri
      terri says:

      Thanks Eve & Tara! Yes, Mars does think that the roving rug was made especially for her!


  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    Morning Terri
    Just ‘caught up’ with your ‘doing/being’. Namaste!

    And ‘by chance’ I have been wearing my Saori-style hat the past few days and engaging in the comments that brings.


  3. lynn
    lynn says:

    Sounds like a great day. Tara, your orange obi is going to look fabulous! The roving weaving looks very cozy. You could wrap up in it, or put you’re feet on it, or your tea cup, or….so many possibilities!

  4. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks Lynn & Karen!

    I love that Tara’s traditional obi is so SAORI too 🙂

    Happy Weaving all,

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