AiR – the past week…

Wow – what full and fun days at my Artist-in-Residence!

The past week has seen many visitors to the SAORI Salt Spring Studio. My son and dil (Tom & Tanya) were here for a lovely week of weaving, sewing, visiting and excursions.

Cowichan Bay…


Rawsome Cafe for lunch one day of course…


Also Mami visited for 3 days from Montreal, Tara has been here twice, Lynn was able to visit again, Elizabeth, from Portland, came by to see what SAORI was all about, and Teresa picked up her new SAORI SX60 4 harness loom – and more visitors have planned to come in the next while.

Tara, weaving an obi, and Mami…


Tanya brought along the baby blanket that she has made for a friend. I hope that we will see photos of the babe in the blanket. Here is a photo of how she joined the two pieces to make the blanket – I really like this finish…


Tanya also brought a weaving she calls “Chocolate Mint” – we draped it and tried different types of garments and she decided to base her piece on one of the patterns in the newest SAORI pattern book. What a beautiful and cozy shawl…


Mami visited with Tara, Lynn and I and we talked a lot about SAORI. She shared some of the things that she has woven and she also completed a 6 metre weaving to make into more clothing. With Mami and Lynn we had a mini SAORI kai – which was inspiring! I forgot to take many pictures, but I have many memories!


A highlight of one of our excursions was a trip to The Raptor Centre near Duncan. Tanya did the Owl Prowl and I did a Hawk Walk – so amazing!! I would highly recommend this to anyone in the area…





And of course more weaving was done and new warps made and much good gluten-free, sugar-free food was shared!


Happy Weaving,

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  1. Judi Gay
    Judi Gay says:

    It seems that your artist-in-residence program has been very successful. How nice that so many friends and family were able to join you for weaving and other things!

    Judging by the picture of you with your son and DIL, you must have been ten years old when you had him.

    • terri
      terri says:

      Thanks Judi – yes it has been so much fun and great to share SAORI with friends & family and to meet new people through the studio and SAORI weaving! It is amazing to me the number of opportunities that have come up this month!

      And thanks for your comment on the photo with my son & dil – haha!

      Happy Weaving,

  2. lynn
    lynn says:

    What a great picture of the 3 of you! And the hawk and owl….simply awesome, literally. I’ve been there a couple of times, but never on one of the walks.
    It was inspiring to have a visit with you and Mami, I came home with so many (more!) ideas. I could do that once a week!!

    • terri
      terri says:

      It was so awesome to do the Hawk Walk – I cannot say enough about it and how it felt. I was full of awe!!

      Wonderful to have you here at the studio as always – and thanks for the fabulous food your brought. Once a week sounds good to me – how can we arrange that?? Certainly easier in the summer months with the longer days……hmmmm…..

      I’d like to have a SAORI Kai soon – as it is so inspiring to see what others are doing and get new possibilities. I like what Kitty and Michael said about inspire – breathing – breathing life & creativity. AiR!!

      Happy Weaving,

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