AiR – the bobbin gathering

After I had gathered up all my bobbins with yarn of various sorts…


I put on a black cotton warp and wove all the colours onto the warp…


Wow – that was more yarn than I thought. Not sure what I’ll make with this – a technicolour dream coat? a colourful skirt or top? Or perhaps it will hang in my studio for a while with all the engery of many weavers at the studio.

gathering-bobbins-3 gathering-bobbins-2

I also experimented a bit with making a ruffle – using different tensions on the warp threads. The right side is a 50 thread warp that was added on the side of a regular warp – and tension on the extra threads was just through clips on the back – and front.


Kenzo-sensei had showed me how to do this when I was last in Japan but I hadn’t tried it until now! This is just a short piece as I had another workshop to prepare for and needed the warp – but I’ll try this again for sure…


Another of my goals of this Artist-in-Residence was to set up a mailing list – which I have now done:

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This mailing list will be used to send out news of new items such as yarns, warp, books, equipment, etc. available at SAORI Salt Spring – so these will be only for shipping within Canada. I will also use it to send out news about Workshops, Retreats and Events and plan to keep my blog for weaving and other adventures. Please feel free to sign up – it also has an option to unsubscribe if you find you no longer want to receive it.

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