AiR Day 3 – Does time exist?

Have you ever noticed how the hours speed by when you are working on something in the studio? A funny thing happened this week…my clock in the studio stopped…it needs a new battery.


And then my watch stopped. Unfortunately it needs more than a new battery. So, what is this all saying to me? How interesting that time stopped at the start of my Artist in Residence. I guess I have ‘all the time in the world’… 🙂

Day 3 in the studio

I continued work on my ‘Gathering of the bobbins weaving’ – black into grey into white into purples, next is blues…

And then to do some clothing design. Lynn and I had looked at a piece on my dress form on Wednesday and it all came clear to me and so I got sewing…

Front one way…


Another way…


And a close-up of the fabric – and yarn with beads…


This top can be worn in different ways – and I don’t think I’ve discovered them all yet.
My design of the finished top all revolved around having that grey stripe (which I wasn’t sure about when I was weaving the cloth) as the featured piece down one side.

In the afternoon we went for a coffee at Fernwood Cafe down by the water – it was such a beautiful day! And then stopped in at the farm just a short walk from our place – the sheep have been shorn.


Happy Weaving,

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  1. Terri
    Terri says:

    So I went into town today to get a battery for an older watch that I have and the only person in town who replaces watch batteries is away until May 20…..


    I guess I’ll just be losing track of time in the studio 🙂

    Happy Weaving,

  2. lynn
    lynn says:

    The top looks great! So perfect for this time of year when it gets cool in the evening. You’ll need one long ‘arm warmer’ for the really chilly nights!

    • Terri
      Terri says:

      Thanks Lynn and thanks for your input on this at the studio! Yes, it can be sleeveless or one arm warm…

      Hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather!

      Happy Weaving,

  3. Susan Forsberg
    Susan Forsberg says:

    The PINK top is just LOVELY i especially love the added bits of other colour, very nice touch.

    As for time, perhaps there is a message here, self-innovation through free weaving may possibly
    include free from time. Timeless weaving would be most enjoyable, timelessness in weaving
    might include euphoria with giggling. What a perfect studio in the woods you have for this
    timeless adventure. Happy Weaving ! ! !

    • Terri
      Terri says:

      Thanks Susan! When I wove this cloth I didn’t have a plan for it and just put in some other colours not knowing where they might be in the finished piece. I wasn’t even sure about them after I put them in, but just carried on. Funny how the design revolved around the one strip of gray!

      Yes, timelessness in the studio in the woods immersed in SAORI – wonder-full!

      Happy Weaving,

  4. Tara and Eve Roblin
    Tara and Eve Roblin says:

    Good Morning Timeless One! What a fun freewheelin’ top… Tara says, ‘What Time?’
    Loving the weather which definitely slows things down now that it feels like summer.
    Saori Hugs, Eve and Tara

    • Terri
      Terri says:

      Yes, ‘what time’ indeed! Losing track of time, all in good time, all the time in the world – the endless possibilities of SAORI!

      The weather IS amazing!!

      Happy SAORI Days,

    • terri
      terri says:

      Yes, I thought of you & Jim when I wrote that – all the time in the world!

      And now that you mention it – I do need a name for my top/shirt/tabard/vestment/shawl….

      Happy Weaving,

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